Las Montañas Charter High School

Welcome to Las Montañas Charter High School! LMCHS is a public charter school serving the students in the greater Las Cruces area and Dona Ana County. For more information please give us a call 575-527-5916.
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At Las Montañas Charter High School we recognize the importance, value, and necessity of a quality education and we always strive to provide students with a learning environment where education is key and excellence is paramount.


Founded in 2007, LMCHS is a full-service Public Charter High School for grades 9-12, serving the students in the greater Las Cruces area and Doña Ana County.  Designed to enhance student performance through professional development, supplemental instruction, supplemental counseling, academic support, educational opportunities, school programs, and technical support LMCHS, provides students an alternative to traditional public education.


Las Montañas is now using the Explore Learning Model to structure its curriculum in order to provide more student choice in the educational pathways we offer.  LMCHS does not follow the traditional school system of semester-long/year-long courses.  The school's academic year is split into smaller learning modules, called seminars, which vary in length depending on grade.  Students will rotate through eight 18 day terms. With students at the center, the curriculum and culture are connected to allow students the opportunity to contribute to the school and community.  The curriculum emphasizes real life skills to prepare for post-secondary life.


At LMCHS, the mission of Title I is to provide supplemental instruction in the basic skill areas of reading, language arts, and math, to educationally disadvantaged students. (Title I mandates that the content and performance standards for Title I students reflect the same expectations generally held for all children, with all education programs continuously monitored by the state).


Throughout the school year, the faculty focuses on addressing individual student needs based upon frequent assessment. This is accomplished through intensive staff development and support of a combination of visionary programs, all designed to facilitate a productive learning environment.


See Equal Opportunity Education page for further information.