About Us


At Las Montañas Charter High School we recognize the importance, value, and necessity of a quality education and we always strive to provide students with a learning environment where education is key and excellence is paramount.

Founded in 2007, LMCHS is a full-service Public Charter High School for grades 9-12, serving the students in the greater Las Cruces area and Doña Ana County. Designed to enhance student performance through professional development, supplemental instruction, supplemental counseling, academic support, educational opportunities, school programs, and technical support LMCHS, provides students an alternative to traditional public education.

Our Philosophy

Many students come to school with challenges that can be barriers to success in education and life if not effectively addressed.

At Las Montañas Charter High School we:

  • Believe that life’s challenges are part of learning.
  • Value all students and believe it is our duty and responsibility to engage all students in spite of the obstacles they encounter.
  • Are committed, in everything we do, to promote success in education and life while utilizing family and community partners in an individualized, challenging, and supportive environment.
  • Believe our students will not only learn and develop the skills necessary for academic achievements but will also obtain skills necessary to achieve success in life regardless of the “mountains” they must climb.

Charter School FAQs

Q: What are the tuition costs for Las Montañas Charter High School (LMCHS)?
A: ZERO, LMCHS is a public charter, funded through public school funds.

Q: Which grades are eligible to attend at LMCHS?
A: We accept students 9-12 grade until all available slots are filled.

Q: How do I enroll at LMCHS?
A: Contact us via phone, website, and/or come by the facility located at 1405 S. Solano Dr.

Q: Do you offer online/distance education?
A: Yes, a variety of online and distance education courses are offed at LMCHS.

Q: How many days do students attend school per week?
A: LMCHS operates on a four day week, Monday to Thursday.

Q: How many credits are required to graduate?
A: LMCHS requires 24.5 credits for graduation.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by email or 575-527-5916.

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